Life By the Numbers from PBS Video for $100.
Explore the world of mathematics and how its principles play a role in everything from microscopic life to the motion of planets, in this seven-part series hosted by Danny Glover. Included are "Seeing Is Believing: Special Effects," "The Numbers Game: Sports," "Patterns of Nature: Biology," "Chances of a Lifetime: Probability," "Shape of the World: Exploration," "A New Age: Information Age," and "Making a Difference: Education." 6 2/3 hrs. total on seven discs. Soundtrack: English.
PBS video The Story of 1 The story of the number one is the story of Western civilization. Terry Jones ("Monty Python's Flying Circus") goes on a humor-filled journey to recount the amazing tale behind the world's simplest number. Using computer graphics, "One" is brought to life, in all his various guises, in STORY OF 1
Donald in Mathemagic Land
Stand and Deliver

Powers of 10

Wendy Lichtman, a Bay Area author, has a series out called Do the Math: Secrets, Lies and Algebra, and Do the Math: The Writing on the Wall. These are excellent novels that use mathematical metaphors to provide incidental learning. My school in NYC ordered 150 copies and they were gone in a day! The target age range is from 5th-11th grade.
I also wrote an implementation guide available at:
Just click on "For Math Teachers" and the PDF will download. Really easy activities that I have used both in my classroom for 10+ years and have presented around at conferences with reported great success.

Books for possible Book Studies with Teachers:
"What's Math got to do with it?" by Jo Boaler
Math is the Second Most Exciting Thing
The Math Coach's Field Guide (Math Solutions)
Content-Focused Coaching (Lucy West)
Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics (Liping Ma)
Sensible Mathematics by Steven Leinwand and his second book, Ten Instructional Shifts That Raise Student Achievement